The Theatre Royal playbill in Places has some interesting characters on it.

Kate Terry was a sister of the actress Ellen Terry and began acting at a young age. She is the grandmother of John Gielgud. She fell upon hard times when she grew older and made her living as a landlady.

George Melville was in numerous stage productions, and was popular in Hollywood. Before his career took off, he was also a prisoner-of-war during WW2.

Henrietta Hodson was at the beginning of her career at the time of this playbill. She left her husband, a Mr Pigeon, in the late 1800s amid allegations he mistreated her. She also fell out with the librettist W.S. Gilbert during the play Ought We To Visit Her, threatening him with legal action when he told others and demanding a written apology. When he wrote one, she made it public.

She tried to sue him again in 1877 over a role in she felt she was owed in Pygmalion and Galatea, and after she tried to switch her assigned role in his revival of The Palace of Truth he declined further performances by her. Naturally her response was to circulate a pamphlet criticising his directing methods amongst acting professionals.

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