The Bristol Biplane ( "Boxkite" is a nick-name ) was the first successful aircraft design manufactured in Bristol by the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company. This was established by Sir George White , then chairman of the Bristol Tramways and Carriage Company.

The French pilot Maurice Tetard took off from Durdam Downs for its maiden flight in November 1910. 76 Biplanes were made and repaired in a new factory at Filton between 1910 and 1914. 61 of these were the extended version and in fact the first British military aeroplanes.This life-size model may be seen at Bristol City Museum, Queens Road. It was a replica built for the 1964 film "Those Magnificant Men in their Flying Machines "

In 1969 - that is only 59 years after the Bristol Boxkite first flight - it was possible to fly American astronauts to the Moon and safely return them and the famous words were spoken " a small step for a man but a big step for mankind ! "

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