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Professor Jean Golding OBE founded the biomedical project Children of the 90s. She studied Mathematics at St Anne’s College in 1961, but later shifted her focus to the medical sciences in the mid-1960s. Her research looked at the patterns, causes, and effects of lifestyle and health in a sample of women from Bristol and surrounding areas. The project recruited over 14,000 pregnant women who were due to give birth between April 1991 and December 1992. Their families have been part of this scientific study for over 21 years.

The various findings from the project have challenged and contributed to the way we understand child health. This includes discoveries around Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, child asthma, peanut allergies and child obesity. It also produced ground-breaking evidence around the effects of smoking, diet and stress levels in pregnant women on their unborn children.

Professor Golding’s initiative has helped establish Bristol as an internationally renowned centre for the study of biomedical sciences and epidemiology – that is the study of causes and effects of health and diseases in a population. As of 2014, over 1000 academic papers have been written as a result of the children of the 90s project.