Transforming Edit

Places to live and enjoy - Open Spaces Edit

People Need Parks

Bristol's Oldest Park

The Friends of Greville Smyth

Walking for Leisure

Blaise Castle Estate

Park Art


Clifton Victoria Baths

Henleaze Swimming Lake



Rennison's Baths

Places to live and enjoy - Venues Edit

Colston Hall

The Theatre Royal

Bristol Hippodrome

Golden Age of Cinema

The Llandoger Trow

Pub fittings

At the Hotwells

Spectator Sport

Places to live and enjoy - Homes Edit

Alice Chestre's House

Young's Great House

Brisuanadon, 2009

Roman Mosaic

Commemorative Trowl

Home from Rome

Witness Statement

A Fashionable Address

The Conservators Story

Queen Square Paintings

Architectural features

Stained glass window

Georgian Boom and Bust

Barton Hill Redeveloped

Victorian Expansion

Interwar Suburbia

Building Features Edit

Jetty Bracket

Rainwater head

Chimney ventilator

Chimney pot

Places of Work - Shops Edit

Outlets Edit

Consumer Shopping

Bristol's Arcades

The New Broadmead

Cabot Circus

Goods Edit

New technology

Dresses and dressmaking


Toys and Games

Mechanical Singing Bird

Household goods

Cothes and Cosmetics



Places of Work - Factories and Offices Edit

East Street Tobacco Factory

Bristol's Sugar Refinaries

Bristols Glass Cones

The Brab Hangar and Brabazon

Coal mining in Bristol

Coal-mining dial, about 1850-1950

The Spectrum Building

The Bristol and West Building

Lavars Birdseye view of Bristol 1887

Places of Work - Port Edit

Digging the Trench

Port Maintenance

Bristol's Floating Harbour

Transforming Avonmouth

Royal Portbury West Dock

Harbourside Regeneration

Tidal Gauge

Princes Wharf Souvenir Programme

Places of Conflict Edit

World War 2

Defending the City

Bristol Rebuilt

Places of Power and influence - Worship Edit

St. Augustine's Abbey

A Medieval Jewish Community

St. Mary Redcliffe

The First Methodist Chapel

Charter of Theobald

Tomb Effigy

The Bristol Jamia Mosque

The First Sikh Temple

Charter of Theobald

Tomb Effigy

Places of Power and influence - Education and Welfare Edit

Welfare Edit

St. Bartholomews Hospital

St. Peter's Hospital

Foster's Almshouses

Bristol Children's Hospital

Bristol Royal Infirmary

Education Edit

Bristol Grammar School

The Wills Memorial Tower

Places of Power and influence - Control Edit

Control Edit

Bristol Castle

Merchants Hall

New Gaol

Book of Skin

Council House

Coat of Arms

Great Charter of Liberties

Bristol Remodeled Edit

Prefabs Rebuilding the City

Places of Connection - Bridges Edit

Bristol Bridge

Bristol Bridge Rebuilt

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Hill's Cast Iron Bridge

Oil Painting

Places of Connection - Services Edit

Street Lighting in Bristol

Medieval Conduits

The Building of the Sewers

Completing the Sewer network

Bristol's Underground River

Moving Edit

Moving by Bike Edit

Alexander Family Bike

Francis Fry (penny farthing)

Ernest Bond

Eric Evens and his Bike

Beddoes' Family Moped

Moving by Alternate Vehicle Edit

Rick Hurst's skate board and shoes, bought from 50/50 skate shop. Established in 1997.  Fifty Fifty Store was on Park Row, but moved to Park Street about seven or eight years ago.

Boxkite Flying Display

Pocock's Charvolants

DIY Flight

Up Up and Away

Basket Across the Gorge

Moving by Private Vehicle Edit

Private Carriages

Horseback Travel

The Colonel's Car

Douglas Motorbike

Moving by Goods Vehicle Edit

By Rail Edit

Harbour Railway



By Road Edit

Delivery by Dray

Delivery by Sled

By Water Edit

Crossing the River


Barges, Lighters & Tugs

The Wreck of the ss Ettrick

Bristol Channel Pilots

Steam Launch Explodes

Wherries & Ferries

Moving by Emergency Vehicle Edit

Fire Boat Pyronaut

Fire Engine

Emergency Marker

Ambulance driver

Moving by Public Vehicle Edit




Coaches & Buses Edit

Lodekka Bus

Tam O'Shanter

Mail Coach

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