Object list

Slavery Edit

People profiting from slavery Edit

People managing slavery Edit

Slaoirs working in the slave trade Edit

Africa before transatlantic slave trade Edit

Enslaved Africans Edit

People who challenged slavery Edit

Consumers Edit

Challenging Edit

Campaigning Edit

Drawing of the slave ship Brooks

Rioting Edit

St. Pauls Riot

Love is All I Bring (artwork)

1831 Reform Riot

Reading The Riot Act (artwork)

Boycotting Edit

Bristol Bus Boycott

Protesting Edit

Bronze Bust of Ernest Bevin

Somerdale (T&GWU) banner

Celebrating Edit

Harbour Festival Edit

Harbour Festival

Balloon Fiesta Edit

Balloon Fiesta

St Paul's Carnival Edit

Church Ales Edit

Chinese New Year Edit

Creating Edit

Textiles Edit

Wood Edit

S.S. Great Western (models)

Demerara Figurehead

William Patterson

Anderson's Wood Carvers

Glass Ceramics Edit

Kate Malone Ceramics

Ham Green Pottery

Pountney's Bristol pottery

Metal Edit

Science and Engineering Edit

New Media and Animation Edit

Aardman Animations

Food and Consumables Edit

J. S. Frys & Sons Ltd

W.D. & H.O. Wills Tobacco

Words and Theatre Edit

Music and Performance Edit

Massive Attack

Fred Wedlock

Mass book, about 1500

Tune book for the Catholic mass, about 1370

Clara Butt

Hat from the Gang Show

Visual Arts and Paintings Edit


Mr Baily looks very sinister in this light Photo by Jacky G

Bust of E H Baily, by E G Papworth jar

Some who have made Bristol famous

Trade Edit

Bristol Trading

Trading locally Edit

Spicers Door

Trading with the British Isles Edit

' Trading ' with Ireland

Trade with Europe Edit

Sherry butt, about 1800

Trading internationally Edit

Sherry in Bristol

Trading informally Edit

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