Joining and leaving Edit

Inuit clothing

Chronicle of Bristol

Harpoon, 1801-1900

Child's gas mask

Marie Policella's outfit

Stanley Charles Booker: telegram, letter, ,regimental cap badge, penknife.

Lillieth Morrison's suitcase, 1955

Crown, 1733

Muzzamil Lakhani: cane, student card

Reuben St Claire's trilby hat

Jabez Hill's convict token, 1820

Witness statement for Jabez Hill, 1820

At the gig Edit

Bamboo Club

Our house Edit

Bird artwork

Prayer beads

Boy's Salween kameez

Prayer mat

Trinket box and jewellery

Quill pen, discovered in Bedminster parish rate book, 1753

Marriage portrait of Thomas and Florence Smyth, about 1627

Letter to Thomas Smyth from his mother, 1626

Letter to Thomas Smyth from his wife, 1626

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