Hopscotch is rumored to have been invented by the Romans, in order to train their army. The soldiers would hop through the courses, which would be 100 feet in length, in full armor to build their endurance and keep them fit.

☀Roman children drew their own smaller courts in imitation of the soldiers, added a scoring system and "Hopscotch" spread throughout Europe. The word "London" is often written at the top of hopscotch courts to make the court reminiscent of the Great North Road, a 400 mile Roman road from Glasgow to London frequently used by the Roman military. However, some claim that the Chinese created the game. Supposedly, earlier variations of hopscotch in China, involved boxes drawn in to the ground, with a puck to represent a soul and the object of the game to reach heaven.

Indeed, with all these theories, the earliest recorded reference to hopscotch was in 1677! The game was titled ‘Scotch-Hoppers’ by Poor Robin’s Almanac in 1707, and was an all boys’ game. But there are many different names for hopscotch, including ‘Hop-Score’ in Yorkshire, ‘Scotch Hobby’ in Suffolk where boys would hold another boy on their back while hopping through the course, and in North Britain, ‘Peevers’ or ‘Pabats’. In India, it is called Stapu.

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